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A Math Circle is a place for kids who love math to learn about some of the deeper concepts of math.  A math circle leader asks questions that help kids discover. Its goal is for the kids take charge of the discovery of the answer.

Along the way, they should get getter at clarifying questions, experiencing frustration, learning that work will get you past frustration, have fun, and discover something new about math.

A Math Circle is a good fit for:

  • Anyone who loves math
  • Fast learners that are bored at school who love math
  • Curious kids who love math

A Math Circle is not a good fit if:

  • A parent thinks it is a good idea but their child isn’t interested

Benefits of a Math Circle:

  • Interacting with peers that love math too
  • Increased tolerance for working through frustating problems
  • Learning deeper concepts of math
  • Better at asking clarifying questions

See our FAQ page for more information.

Want to Teach or Help? If you are interested in teaching or helping set up other Portland Math Circles, please email us. We can be reached at: info at pdxmathcircle dot org

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